New to our studio?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can help you get set up on your bike, and size you for your complimentary rental shoes.

All of our bikes are equipped with SPD and Look Delta pedal technology, and our instructors will help you get clipped in and ready to ride. 

Wear sweat wicking clothing, and avoid anything loose around your ankles, as it can catch in the pedals. 

Indoor cycling is for everyone. We have riders of all ages, and we encourage you try at least 3 classes to get into the swing of the class! Remember, the first class is always the hardest, and we're rooting for you the whole time. 

What kind of bikes do we ride?

We ride Stages sc3 top of the line indoor spin bikes. Designed by cyclists, and made for cyclists, our bikes give you a real road feel. 

Ergonomically designed for fit and function, many elite cyclists use these bikes for their own professional training. 

Where should we park?

We know parking downtown can be a huge pain, but please be careful where you park! You can turn into the building lot off Birch, to park in the back lot in spots that say "building guest" but DO NOT park in any reserved spots. If the bank is closed (business hours from 9am-5pm) you may park in those spots. Parking in the bank spots during business hours or in reserved spots will result in your car being towed. 

There is additional free parking on side streets including North Agassiz .   You can  also park in the government buildings lots before 8am and after 5pm every day of the week. 

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel your class 12 hours prior to receive class credit back on your account.  Once you cancel a class, it is returned to your account to be used at a future date.


If you do not cancel your class 12 hours in advance, we cannot refund your class as it is unfair to riders who were unable to attend. Unlimited pass holders will be charged a $5 fee for not showing up, or failure to cancel 12 hours in advance.  Thank you for understanding; our bikes are limited and we want to make sure all of our riders get the chance to ride.